When I applied to Regis for a sales role with The NFRN Mutual I had no idea the opportunity would take me where it has. Instead of landing the job with The NFRN Mutual I was offered a role with Activities Industry Mutual (AIM), which turned out to be a better fit.


Sales & Service Manager

I joined Regis in 2008 as a Sales and Service Executive for The NFRN Mutual from a background in data admin and estate agency. I was looking for a job that would draw together the different strands of my experience with a focus on client care and this seemed like the right opportunity for me.


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What our
clients say

One of the primary reasons that we outsource the management of Unimutual to Regis is their ability to attract and retain high quality staff.

Martin Griffith, Chairman of the Unimutual board
Tunbridge Wells