Following the breakdown of trust in the financial services industry, there is an urgent and real need for new ideas and fresh alternatives.

Mutuals are owned and controlled by their members who have a personal stake in the organisation’s success. A good mutual flourishes on the bond that exists between the members – a shared outlook, a shared interest, a shared loyalty. This bond is based on a sense of belonging to and owning something together and a sense of value that is deeper and more long lasting than a quick-win headline rate. If you add to this sound commercial acumen, financial controls and efficient management, you have a true alternative to what is made available by mainstream financial services firms, which are often driven by the short-term profit interests of external shareholders.

Mutuals are just as much businesses as traditional companies, driven by a desire to secure returns and surpluses. What makes them stand out are the values and set of behaviours common to these organisations and that makes them more trusted by those who use them.

The Regis management team applies greater financial discipline to the management of a mutual so it can operate as a true mutual, working efficiently to the true interests of its members: Not just better products but solutions from an organisation that operates and conducts itself in a different fashion. The ethos of mutuality has never been more relevant than it is today and this is good news for anyone that wants to see greater diversity and true choice in the financial services sector.

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What our
clients say

Regis has managed our mutual like it’s their own, delivering consistently great service time after time.

Peter Wagg, Chairman of NFRN Mutual
Tunbridge Wells